Dermalux Tri-Wave MD

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What Is Dermalux Tri-Wave MD?

The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is a medically certified LED phototherapy device designed to rejuvenate and improve the appearance and health of the skin. It utilises three clinically proven wavelengths of light – red, blue and near-infrared – to promote overall skin health and target a range of skin concerns.

Specifically, the red light wavelength is known for its anti-ageing properties, the blue light wavelength is commonly used to target acne-causing bacteria on the skin, and near-infrared promotes tissue repair and reduces inflammation.

Whether you’re struggling with acne, signs of ageing, pigmentation, eczema or redness, dermalux is proven to help.

Benefits For Your Skin

A highly effective treatment option, dermalux offers a huge amount of benefits for the skin. It boosts collagen, leading to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Similarly, it can brighten dull or tired-looking skin to enhance overall radiance.

As Dermalux improves cell renewal by an impressive 200%, it’s perfect to combine with injectables and skin treatments to optimise aesthetic results.

Dermalux can reduce acne and blemishes by up to 76% after just four weeks of treatment, and provide relief for conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. By pre-conditioning and strengthening the skin, it can even maximise the efficacy of other treatments.

Benefits For Your Wellbeing

Beyond the skin’s surface, dermalux contributes to your overall wellbeing. The Tri-Wave MD device harnesses the power of light therapy to improve insomnia and provide relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D).

Benefits For Your Physical Health

Dermalux can also improve your physical health. By aiding in the healing of wounds and scars, the Tri-Wave MD device helps individuals recover from surgery and injury sooner. It can reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint issues, and provide a supportive approach for managing autoimmune disorders.

Benefits For Your Scalp

Finally, the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD offers a range of benefits for your scalp health. By increasing blood flow to the scalp, it promotes hair growth and minimises hair loss. The device also effectively treats issues such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and excess oil, offering relief from discomfort.

Treatment Overview


The treatment typically takes 10 to 20 minutes.


Dermalux offers immediate relief from a range of skin, hair and physical health issues. A course is often recommended followed by a monthly treatment to maintain results.


There is no downtime with dermalux. The treatment uses light therapy and is entirely non-invasive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Dermalux Phototherapy Treatment Work?

This treatment works by stimulating the natural healing and rejuvenation processes within our skin cells. During the treatment, your skin will be exposed to three different wavelengths of light for a specified amount of time. The light energy is absorbed by the cells in the skin which triggers a series of biochemical reactions. These reactions help to increase circulation, promote collagen production and enhance the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

Is Dermalux Safe For Everyone?

Dermalux is suitable for all skin types. At a personalised consultation, we’ll discuss your skin concerns to make sure that the treatment is right for you.

Which Skin Concerns Can The Treatment Help With?

It can tackle existing acne, prevent future breakouts and reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Red or irritated skin can be calmed, and hyperpigmentation issues, including eczema and psoriasis, can also be treated.

As the treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, it can make ageing, thinning skin appear plumper, firmer and more youthful. It promotes hair growth and reduces pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint issues.

How Safe & Effective Is The Dermalux Treatment?

Dermalux is both safe and effective. It’s non-invasive, award-winning and medically CE certified for treating acne, healing wounds, improving psoriasis and musculoskeletal pain. A highly customisable option, it also offers a huge amount of benefits for skin appearance and health.

Does The Treatment Hurt?

Dermalux is entirely pain-free. In fact, some of our clients find it to be relaxing!

Can The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD Be Used Alongside Other Treatments?

Absolutely. When administered alongside other treatments, the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD will promote skin health, accelerate healing and reduce inflammation.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Dermalux?

The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is a non-invasive device with minimal risk of side effects. Most individuals will experience improvements in their skin straight away. However, in some cases, mild and temporary redness or warmth may occur.

Dermalux Steps

Step By Step


Consultation is our chance to get to know you, understand your concerns, and agree on a personal treatment plan. Taking your medical history into account, we will agree on the best pathway to your desired outcome.


This is where we bring all our skill and experience to bear. From chemical peel to Botox® injections to skin boosters, your expert clinician will deliver the treatments agreed during your consultation, making sure you are comfortable and at ease.

3. Aftercare

Though many treatments are walk-in, walk-out processes, some require downtime and a carefully considered aftercare regimen. We will advise you of activities, substances, and medications to avoid, while ensuring you know the best way to look after your treated skin.

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